If you have any question about your watch or about the proper care of
your valuable timepiece, feel free to send me an email
(to lee@watchrepair.com)
and I will ensure that you receive a prompt reply

What is an overhaul?
  • When we overhaul a watch we -
    • disassemble the movement
    • ultrasonically clean all component parts
    • apply proper lubrication
    • replace all gaskets
    • regulate the time
    • clean and polish the case and bracelet
How much does an overhaul cost?
  • The minimum price for an overhaul on a high grade mechanical ladies or gents self-winding (automatic) watch is $250.00 plus return postage and insurance.

  • The minimum price for an overhaul on a high grade quartz ladies or gents watch is $195.00 plus return postage and insurance.

How often should I have my watch serviced?
  • As with any piece of mechanical equipment, such as your car, your watch requires normal maintenance and lubrication. Most fine Swiss watch manufacturers recommend having your watch serviced and lubricated every three to five years, depending on your personal wearing conditions.

My watch needs repair - how much will it cost?
  • Send your watch to me for a free quote.  I will examine your watch and send you an an email detailing the exact cost of repair.  Should you decide not to repair the watch - I do request you provide payment for return postage and insurance.

How long of a warranty do you offer on repairs?
  • When we perform a complete overhaul or repairs,  the watch is covered by a 12 month warranty covering internal functionality. The warranty does not include damaged caused by impact of the watch, such as banging or dropping the watch. The warranty does not cover moisture intrusion caused by leaving the crown unscrewed or from a broken crystal. The crystal, band, bezel or case are not covered by the warranty.

After my watch is serviced, how accurate will it be?
  • The normal time keeping accuracy of any mechanical watch is between 0-10 seconds fast in a twenty-four hour period. Keep in mind that exposing the watch to certain extremes, such as temperature or magnetism, may cause the watch to perform outside of normal limits.

How do I send my watch to you?
  • You can send by Fed EX or UPS or US MAIL or any company you choose.  It will be returned by registered, insured US MAIL unless you request another method. 
    NOTE: It is important to purchase insurance coverage for the full value of the watch.

What is the method of payment?
  • We accept payment by check or money order.


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